List of Wars
War IDStart DateEnd DateTitleAreaCombatants Comments Num
1177917811st Kaffir WarEastern Cape FrontierCommandos of Dutch East India Company
1018421842Siege of DurbanNatalBritish Empire vs Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek(Transvaal) and Oranje Vrijstaat(Orange Free State) Commandos21
1118451845ZwartkopjesOrange Free StateBritish Empire vs Oranje Vrijstaat (Orange Free State)
12184618467th Kaffir War (War of the Axe)Eastern Cape FrontierBritish Forces
1318481848BoomplaasOrange Free StateBritish Empire vs Oranje Vrijstaat (Orange Free State)
14185018528th Kaffir WarEastern Cape Frontier (Including Basutoland)British Forces10
1518521852Berea ExpeditionBasutolandBritish Forces vs Basuto39
1618581865Basuto WarsOrange Free StateOranje Vrijstaat (Orange Free State) vs Basutos
1718691869Orange RiverCentral Sector Northern Cape BorderCape Forces vs Coloured Clans
1818731873LangalibaleleNatal, BasutolandNatal Volunteers and Cape Police vs Natal Native Tribe
1918761876SekukuniNorth East TransvaalZuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal) vs Bapedi Tribe
2178917932nd Kaffir WarEastern Cape FrontierCommandos of Dutch East India Company
20187718779th Kaffir WarEastern Cape FrontierBritish Forces including Cape Volunteers
2118781878SekukuniNorth Eastern TransvaalBritish Empire Forces vs BapediThe British occupied the Transvaal 1877 - 1881
2218781879Northern Border and Orange RiverArea West of Kimberley and Along Orange RiverCape Volunteers vs Coloured Clans and Bechuana
231879 (Jan)1879 (Jan)Zulu War (1st)Natal Border and ZululandBritish Empire Forces and Natal Volunteers vs Zulu Kingdom3
241879 (Mar)1879 (Nov)Morosi's MountainBasutolandCape Forces vs Basuto TribeThe investment and capture of Mount Morosi in the Quthing District, March to November, 1879, by the forces of the Cape Colony.38
251879 (Nov)1879 (Nov)SekukuniNorth Eastern TransvaalBritish Forces vs Bapeli Tribe
2618801881Basutoland Rebellion (The Gun War)BasutolandCape Forces vs BasutoThe Basutoland Rebellion was fought by the Cape Colony with the idea of disarming the Basotho, an object which failed completely, and by the Basotho, in alliance with various tribes in the Transkei and East Griqualand, to drive out the whites. The latter objective was not attained. Many Africans fought for the Cape but there were no Regular British troops other than a handful of Staff Officers. As a further result of the war the Basotho, in time, came, as they desired, under the direct rule of Great Britain instead of that of the Cape.144
2718801881Transvaal WarNorthern Natal and TransvaalBritish Empire Forces vs Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal)
2818821885Mampoer, Mapoch, Massouw and MoshetteTransvaalZuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal) vs Native Tribes
2918841884Warren's Bechuanaland ExpeditionBechuanalandBritish ForcesNo Fighting
317951803British OccupationCape PeninsulaBritish Forces vs Dutch East India Company
3018881888Zulu WarZululandBritish Forces vs Zulu Nation
3118901890Modjajie, Magoeba and MalabochTransvaalZuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal) Commandos
3218961896Modjajie, Magoeba and MalabochTransvaalZuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal) Commandos
3318951896Jameson RaidTransvaalChartered Companies Forces vs Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal) Commandos
3418961897BechuanalandLangberg area, west of KimberleyCape Forces
3818931893First Matabele WarRhodesia
3919141918German South West Africa Campaign 1915South West AfricaSouth Africa vs Germany7
4179918003rd Kaffir WarEastern Cape FrontierDutch Government
4219061907The Zulu Rebellion (Bhambatha)Natal/Zululand3
4319981999Operation BoleasLesotho. SA Incursion into LesothoSA Incursion into Lesotho for "Peace Keeping"11
4419221922Rand RevoltWitwatersrandStriking Miners20
518061806British OccupationCape PeninsulaBritish Forces vs Dutch
6181118124th Kaffir WarEastern Cape FrontierBritish Forces
7181518195th Kaffir WarEastern Cape FrontierBritish Forces
8183418356th Kaffir WarEastern Cape FrontierBritish Forces
918341842Period includes Great Trek and series of wars including Blood River 1838Natal, Orange Free State, TransvaalTrek Boers
ABW218991902S.A. War (Anglo Boer War)South AfricaThe British Empire vs Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek/Oranje VrijstaatBritain and Commonwealth countries fought against the "Commandos" of the Boer Republics.29713
BORDER19761991SWA/Namibia Border WarSouth West Africa and AngolaSADF (South African Defence Force) and FALA (UNITA's Military Wing) vs PLAN (Peoples Liberation Army of Namibia), FAPLA (Angolan Army) and the Cuban armed forces FAR2036
BURUNDI20012002Burundi PeacekeepingBurundi4
InternalInternal Duties (Township, Support of Police or Training)South Africa266
KOREA1950KoreaKoreaUnited Nations & South Korea vs North Korea & Allies35
Langeberg18971897Langeberg CampaignSouth Africa2
none--None--Dummy Record1
TamBook18801881Tambookie CampaignSouth Africa1
WWI19141918First World WarWhole WorldAxis Powers vs Allied Powers402
WWII19391945Second World WarWhole WorldPretty much everyone719
16a1858 (Mar)1858 (June)The War of Senekal (1858)Orange Free StateCommandos of the Orange Free State and the BasothoThe War of Senekal, between the Commandos of the Orange Free State and the Basotho, lasted from March to June, 1858, and was caused by prolonged and aggravated boundary disputes. After some indecisive clashes the Free Staters retired to their own country without attacking Thaba Bosiu, Chief Moshesh's stronghold. After having much the better of the fighting the Basotho agreed to submit the boundary question to arbitration, with results that could be satisfactory to neither party.26
16b18651868The Sequiti WarOrange Free StateCommandos of the Orange Free State and the BasothoThere was a considerable amount of fighting in the first campaign from 1865-6 but very little in the second from 1867-8. The Basotho were completely defeated in the field but, owing to the failure of the Free State to capture Thaba Bosiu, the Basotho managed to keep on skirmishing until Great Britain stepped in and forced the Free State, completely exhausted financially, to make peace on terms which secured the Basotho in the possession of their country as it is to-day but under the rule of the Cape Colony.58