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76 Pro Patria Medal PPM 1974-10-23 00:00:00 SADF Medal Roll
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Medal Pic Includes the Cunene Clasp and Mentioned in Despatches insignia.
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This campaign medal was originally instituted in November 1974 and the conditions for qualification were amended in 1975-1976 and 1977.

It is the second campaign medal in the SADF sets since 1952 (the first being the Korea medal) and covers a fairly wide spectrum, making it similar to a general service medal.

The medal acknowledges service in the prevention or supression of terrorism by all ranks of the SADF or other armed forces attached to or serving with or rendering service to the SADF.

Specific conditions set out for the award are that the recipient had to have :

  • been involved in combat or a skirmish or combat situation caused by enemy activities, or
  • participated in a specific operation acknowledged by order of the Minister of Defence by means of the designation of the medal and a clasp bearing the specific operation"s name, or
  • served for a continous period of at least 55 days or for a non-continuous period of at least 90 days in a declared operational area.

The medal itself is of bronze in an octagonal shape, with a golden aloe on a blue roundel on the obverse. The ribbon colours are the orange, white and blue of the national flag.

A specific operation clasp as designated by the Minister may be awarded. This is worn on the ribbon and bears, in relief, the distinctive designation of the operation. The only clasp awarded to date has been the Cunene Clasp for the 1975-1976 Angolan Conflict (Op Savannah).

Initially (1974 regulations) the qualifying conditions regarding time were specified as six months with bronze bars for each further period until the fifth qualifying period, after which silver bars would have replaced the bronze. These conditions of award would probably have become unwieldy (especially administratively) with the ongoing nature of modern terrorist wars, and they were subsequently amended to the single, shorter period of qualification, with no bars ever being awarded. No bars were ever awarded.

The first Pro Patria Medals to be awarded were attached to the suspender by means of a ring, but more recently the medal and suspender have been cast as one item.

Pro Patria Medal (1974)

Ribbon 32mm divided into 9 parts: orange (3mm), white (1.5mm), orange (5mm), dark blue (6mm), orange (1mm) and repeat in reverse.

Further award denoted by miniature silver or bronze aloe replica (never manufactured).

Ref: W 23/10/1974 (GG 4490, 8/11/1974); amended W 28/11/1975 (GG 4932, 19/12/1975)

Pro Patria Medal (1976)

Ribbon 32mm divided into 9 parts: orange (3mm), white (1.5mm), orange (5mm), dark blue (6mm), orange (1mm) and repeat in reverse.

Further award denoted by clasp worn with medal only.

Ref: W 8/6/1976 (GG 5171, 25/6/1976); Amended W 18/5/1977 (GG 5575, 3/6/1977)