Statistics: Death by Rank
Post 1994
Rank Rank Description Total Deaths
Rfn Rifleman 71
Sgt Sargeant 22
Cpl Corporal 21
Capt Captain 13
L-Cpl Lance Corporal 11
Lt 1st Lieutenant 9
WO2 Warrant Officer 2nd Class 6
WO1 Warrant Officer 1st Class 6
Pte Private 5
Maj Major 5
2Lt 2nd Lieutenant 5
Gnr Gunner 4
F-Sgt Flight Sgt 3
LtCol Lieutenant Colonel 3
Tpr Trooper 2
L-Bom Lance Bombadier 2
SSgt Staff Sargeant 2
Spr Sapper 1
Civ Civilian 1

Rank Statistics Graph Post 1994
Rank Stats Graph: Post 1994
Rank Stats Pie Chart: Post 1994


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