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A roll of SADF personnel who died for their country; from the establishment of the republic until 1994 when the SADF was amalgamated into the SANDF.

I have put this info in the database from a list kindly supplied to me by Col. Gideon Brink from the SANDF Communications Office

There are some very definite errors in the database. This comes about because there are errors in some of the details that were supplied to me by the SANDF, as well as the possibility of typing/OCR errors during the process of capturing the data. If you spot something that you KNOW is wrong, then PLEASE contact me so that I can update the database.

I have created the ability to dynamically add dedications and stories to the database.

Note: I have added other information that goes way beyond that of the SADF 1962-1994. This includes the ABW, WWI, WWII and post 94 deaths. See the list of wars for more information

We will Remember them
New Information

This is the new home of the Roll of Honour Web Site. I left the University of Stellenbosch and have been trying to create a new web-site for some time now. This site will grow in functionality as time passes, so please be patient. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email them to me. Also, all changes to the database. Please also visit the South African Military Units site.

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