Person Number
456 *
Fidler   1
Date of Birth
1985 110
Southern Angola
Full Names
Bruce Andrew
Military Number
Death Age
22 22
Captured and Tortured 
Cpl  (1217)


7 Medical Battalion Group

Dedication by Steven fox
on 2011-01-20 19:22:26

One of the best friends I have ever had. Bruce was having coffee with me after lectures when the phone call came for him to go on his last trip. After all these years he can still make me smile when I think of his jokes and laugh. He truly believed what he was doing would make a difference. you will always be missed.

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Dedication by Jon Toohey
on 2011-01-16 22:19:15

Not forgotten

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Dedication by jim
on 2011-11-13 10:52:50

Bruce, thanks for your inspiration and unbelievably positive attitude to life. I think about you and our conversations a great deal!

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Dedication by Lyndall Fidler
on 2012-09-15 00:53:27

Bruce was my uncle, he died when I was three! I only remember two occations with him, fishing with my dad and sister and him playing with me at my grandparents house in the swimming pool. To me he is a hero and I'm proud to call him my uncle! We talk of you often Brucie! Love you always x

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Dedication by Wayne Hollow
on 2012-12-31 12:22:43

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends

John 15:13

Bruce, you remain one of the most principled, brave, humorous and positive people I have ever had the good fortune to know. More than 27 years have passed since I last saw you and I still try to live up to the virtues you embody and the high standards you set. Thank you for your inspiration, comradeship and laughter.

Rest in peace buddy.

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Story by JP Bonnici
on 2010-01-29 20:08:46

THE SADF Man Who Died In Angola Identified

PRETORIA Sept 11 1992 Sapa

Pathologists have established that the remains of a South African Army medical orderly killed by enemy action while travelling with a Unita convoy in Angola in 1985 are those of Cpl Bruce Andrew Fidler, whose parents live in Florida, Johannesburg.

In a statement on Friday, the SA Army said Cpl Fidler's remains were returned to South Africa by the Angolan authorities in June this year.

The date of Cpl Fidler's death was officially declared as September 15, 1985.

His identity was finally established with the aid of his dental records, the Army statement said.

The young soldier's remains will be cremated on September 15 -- exactly seven years after his death. The service, with full military honours, will be from the Methodist Church in Florida.


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Story by Jon
on 2011-04-28 23:53:36

Born 23 Feb 1963. Son of Mr. & Mrs. F. W. Fidler of Johannesburg. During a movement his unit was ambushed and he was subsequently captured and interrogated. Cpl Fidler was executed by the enemy during brutal interrogation. He never revealed the presence of his nearby unit although been brutally interrogated thereby enabling them to escape and evade. His remains was repatriated back to South Africa 10 years later and on 15 September 1995 he was cremated precisely 10 years after his death. Corporal Fidler was posthumously awarded the Honoris Crux Silver (only 27 were ever awarded ) for his actions of bravery. Cpl Fidler's name appears on both the roll of honour of 1 Parachute Battalion and 7 Medical Battalion Groups.

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Story by Peter Walters
on 2015-02-03 03:22:41

Rather late than never. Bruce and I where at Florida Park High School together. Bruce became Head Boy. We played first team rugby together and we were both props - two big okes - but unfortunately our collective skill as an English rugby team did not measure up well against the traditional Afrikaans rugby playing schools (Monnas and Helpmekaar etc) We lost touch while both in the army and the next thing I knew was the tragic news. Bruce was a born leader at school already and I am proud to have been quite close to him as a school mate. I went to 3 SAI, then on to Bourkes Luck Doggies from where I completed my service. RIP Bruce, gone but not forgotten.

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Story by Graham Du Toit
on 2014-09-16 04:49:15

15 Sep 1985: 79517090BG Corporal Bruce Andrew Fidler HC (Posthumous) from 7 Medical Battalion Group was attached to 44 Parachute Regiment during Operations in Southern Angola in support of UNITA. His unit was ambushed and in the ensuing firefight, he was captured by enemy forces and was subsequently Reported Missing. Bruce was brutally tortured and interrogated by the enemy before being executed but he never once revealed the presence of his nearby unit thereby enabling the 7 Medical Battalion Group Surgical Team of between 5 and 10 doctors to successfully evade capture and reach South African lines.

His remains were repatriated back to South Africa in June 1992 and he was cremated on 15 September 1992. Corporal Bruce Fidler was posthumously awarded the Honoris Crux for his bravery and selfless devotion to duty in the face of brutal torture. His name appears on the Roll of Honour for both 1 Parachute Battalion and 7 Medical Battalion Group. He was 21.

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Fort Klapperkop Memorial - Wall of Remembrance

Fort Klapperkop Memorial - Wall of Remembrance


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