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Three Frigates - The South African Navy comes of Age (2nd Ed)Soldiers Verse: An Anthology of Poetry by John DoveyBlakes Woman by Willem SteenkampAngel's Secret (Book 1 of ANGEL Trilogy) by Gillian van der WaltMan-Eaters of Eden, The: Life and Death in Kruger National Park by Bob FrumpAll Aboard: Ships, Ports and Cruises - A Southern African Guide by David HughesInsignia and History of the Rhodesian Armed Forces. 1890-1980. (4th Edition) by Col Dudley WallPro Patria by Barry FowlerSelling Yourself as a Way of Life (2nd Ed) by John McDermottFrom Forever to Beyond by Peter KellerPlug Yourself In! by Adele RoderickMIBISA: Volume One - Western Cape by Colyn Brookes

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